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ORCA OE1 Program Card

ORCA OE1 Program Card

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THe ORCA OE1 Program Card works with all current ORCA speed controllers. It is an easy tool to change all parameters of your ORCA speed controller and also make firmware updates when necessary.

The OE1 Program Card works currently with following ORCA speed controllers (31/10/2020):

  • OE1 (ES18OE12-4S)
  • OE1 1/12 (ES19OE11-2S)
  • OE101 (ES19OE1012S)
  • OE101 1S (ES19OE1011S)
  • BP1001 (ES201BP1001)


If you already have a OE1 program card and buy a new ORCA speed controller, it might be necessary to update your program card. Especially with new product releases this can happen.

How to update your OE1 Program Card:

This is a step by step guide how you can update your ORCA program card. You always have to update the program card first, before updateing your speed controller.

The latest firmware version you can find in the "Support" section on the ORCA website. Usually the latest version is right at the top:

1. Download the current firmware from the ORCA website and save it on a SD card with max. 32GB and FAT32 format.
2. Insert the SD-Card into the ORCA program card and connect it to the speed controller with the included wire.
3. Press and HOLD the ENTER button while you switch on the ESC.
4. Now the program card displays the currently installed firmware version. Press ENTER again. Now you can select the firmware version you want to install.
5. Select the firmware version and press again ENTER to start the update process.
6. This will take around one minute. Once finished the program card is again ready to use.

If you also want to update your ESC afterwards the process is very similiar. The main difference is, that you do NOT have to hold the ENTER button while you switch on the ESC. Afterwards select firmware update on your program card. All the other steps are the same as above.

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