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MIBO Heatsink Bullet Plugs - 4/5mm Stepped (2pcs)

MIBO Heatsink Bullet Plugs - 4/5mm Stepped (2pcs)

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Bullet plugs with aluminum Heatsink grips. They will enhance the look of your chassis, while making the manipulation easy and helping you prevent reversing of polarity.

4/5mm Stepped power connectors for Li-Po and Li-HV Hardcase power packs with aluminum Heatsink grips (Red + Black). Grip outer diameter 10 mm, height 9.5 mm.

  • 2x Heatsink grip (Red + Black), compatible with 4mm, 5mm and 4/5mm connectors
  • 2x 4/5mm Bullet power connector
  • 2x M3 set screw to secure the grip
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