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Xerun V10 Brushless Motor G4R (2-3s) 17.5T Sensored 1:10

Xerun V10 Brushless Motor G4R (2-3s) 17.5T Sensored 1:10

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For outstanding performance on the track, check out the Xerun V10 G4 17.5T brushless motor from Hobbywing. A whopping 5% more output power and 9.8% higher kV than the previous G3R series provide an excitingly powerful driving experience in any 1:10 RC car competition.

The completely redesigned G4 motor manages to optimally dissipate heat developments through the exposed stator core. For this purpose, among other things, the outer diameter and thus the total area was increased by more than a quarter, so as to effectively contribute to the cooling of the motor and to be able to quickly dissipate the heat to the outside.

Also, install this brushless motor according to your own needs. For this purpose, for example, there are two sensor connections to make the cable routing as space-saving as possible. And for those who value personalization even more, the optional weak-magnet rotor can make the motor ready for Boost Stock racing instead of Blinky Stock racing. Boost Stock here stands for even more power and even less heat generation.


  • 5% more power, 9.8% higher kV and 4% lower internal resistance than the G3R
  • Low resistance, high efficiency
  • Long service life
  • First-class, linear power delivery
  • Weight and cooling optimized package
  • High quality components
  • Finely adjustable mechanical timing
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance


Technical data:

  • Type:Brushless / Sensor
  • Poles:2
  • Speed:3020kV
  • Turns:17,5T
  • Number of LiPo cells:2-3s
  • Power max:234W
  • Amps max:51A
  • Idle current:3.7A
  • Outer diameter:35.8mm
  • Length:51.4mm
  • Shaft diameter:3.17mm
  • Shaft length:13.9mm
  • Weight:149g
  • Timing adjustable:30°-60°
  • Usage:1:10 Stick



Technical specification
Type: Brushless
Racing Class: Stock
Turns: 17.5 T
ETS Approved: No
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