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Bittydesign ARES-1 GT12 body for 1/12 Supastox class

Bittydesign ARES-1 GT12 body for 1/12 Supastox class

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Elevate your 1/12 Supastox class racing with the Bittydesign ARES-1 GT12 body, where performance meets cutting-edge design. This body shell is a result of meticulous Italian engineering and relentless pursuit of speed, offering an aerodynamic advantage that redefines the standards for the GT12 category. With Bittydesign's commitment to quality and over 17 years of innovation, the ARES-1 GT12 body is not just a component - it's a competitive edge crafted to make a statement on the track.


  • Highly refined aerodynamics for superior performance
  • Multiple iterations and radical design changes for optimized speed
  • Italian craftsmanship, representing the zenith of Bittydesign's experience


  • Product: ARES-1 GT12 body for 1/12 Supastox class
  • SKU: BDGT12-AS1

Note: The body is sold clear and is intended to be painted by the customer, including decal sheet and window masks

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