Atom 3 S2 by Schumacher: A Revealing Test on the Funcar Track

Atom 3 S2 by Schumacher: A Revealing Test on the Funcar Track

Last Sunday, we had the opportunity to test the Schumacher Atom 3 S2 RC car on the Funcar track. This experience was highly rewarding, offering both enjoyment and insights into the real capabilities of this model, straight out of the box, with no prior modifications. Here is a detailed account of our test, which might just convince you to consider the Atom 3 S2 as a new addition to your collection.

The Funcar Track: An Ideal Setting for the Test

The Funcar track, with its turns and long straightaways, proved to be the perfect setting to evaluate the Atom 3 S2's capabilities. It allows for testing both the agility and speed of an RC car under varied conditions.

First Impressions: Design and Assembly

The Atom 3 S2 catches the eye right from the unboxing, thanks to its sleek design and construction quality. The assembly, done according to the manufacturer's instructions, required no modifications, allowing us to test the car in its original configuration.

Performance on the Track: Agility and Control

On the track, the Atom 3 S2 shows great agility and control. The response to commands is immediate, allowing for intuitive driving. Both tight turns and accelerations on straightaways demonstrate that the car maintains good stability and respectable speed.

What stands out from this test is the ease of driving the Atom 3 S2. Even at high speeds, the model remains well-controllable, facilitating maneuvers without sacrificing performance.

Pure Performance in Base Configuration

The absence of modifications to the Atom 3 S2 for this test highlights the quality of its initial design. This performance, achieved without additional adjustments, attests to the solid engineering behind this Schumacher model.

Why Consider the Atom 3 S2

Our experience on the Funcar track with the Schumacher Atom 3 S2 suggests that this model is a solid option for those looking to enrich their RC car collection, or for racers seeking a reliable vehicle for their competitions. Its ability to offer a pleasant and controlled drive, straight out of the box, makes it a serious contender for your next purchase.

For those interested in the capabilities and detailed specifications of the Atom 3 S2 you can find them here

We hope this article has provided you with useful information about the Atom 3 S2 and sparked your interest in this model. If you have any questions or would like to share your own experience with the Atom 3 S2, we would love to hear from you! See you on the track!


Soon more pictures about the assembly

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