Testing the RTR Apex2 from Team Associated

Testing the RTR Apex2 from Team Associated

Exploring the Team Associated Apex2 Sport ST550 RTR: Performance and Accessibility for RC Car Enthusiasts

This Sunday was a special day for enthusiasts at the Funcar club: the test of the brand-new Team Associated Apex2 Sport ST550 RTR remote-controlled car. With a palpable air of excitement, hobbyists like myself gathered around the indoor track to witness this little gem in action.

First Impressions: A Promising Design

Right from the unboxing, the Apex2 Sport ST550 RTR stands out. Its sleek design and sturdy construction inspire confidence. Delivered with an ergonomic remote control, it does require the separate purchase of a charger and battery – a minor additional investment for serious hobbyists.

On the Track: Unmatched Driving Comfort

After a few initial adjustments, the revelation came. This car is pure joy to drive. Its suppleness and handling make it respond to the slightest touch, making driving intuitive and extremely enjoyable. Whether you're a beginner looking to delve into the world of RC cars or a regular on the circuits, the Apex2 won't disappoint.

Power and Versatility: A Vehicle for Everyone

The most striking feature of the Apex2 Sport ST550 RTR is its power. It glides on the track with ease and speed that impress. Moreover, its compatibility with both lipo and nimh batteries adds welcome flexibility. Priced at 329 euros, it positions itself as an excellent choice for those who take their hobby seriously without wanting to break the bank.

Quality Electronics: The Reedy Touch

Another highlight of the Apex2 is its electronic system, courtesy of Reedy. Known for quality and reliability, Reedy here provides electronics that perfectly complement the car's chassis, ensuring a driving experience that is both stable and exhilarating.

Conclusion: A Wise Investment

In conclusion, the Team Associated Apex2 Sport ST550 RTR is a remote-controlled car that combines performance, driving pleasure, and accessibility. Ideal for hobbyists looking to focus on driving without getting lost in technical complications. It's a model I heartily recommend to all who wish to fully embrace their passion or to start the rc hobby.

Team Associated Apex2 Sport ST550 RTR – smartRc

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