XQ3S soon at the track!

XQ3S soon at the track!


Our beloved customers have again kill the game! Two XQ3S will be racing at Funcar's track on the 5th of May. A good opportunity to see the new features of this chassis live. The new ones being :

  • Adjustable top deck flex with inserts
  • Reinforced top and bottom suspension arms with easy camber adjustment
  • Redesigned steering rack for a more linear and smooth steering reaction
  • Built in belt tensioners in the motor mount for the rear belt
  • Low profile lightweight bumper
  • Multitude of top deck options and flex adjustments
  • Easy caster adjustment through moving camberlink mounts in one of two positions
  • Shim adjusted camberlink length for minute adjustments
  • Redesigned aluminum wheel hexes for cornering stability
  • Low profile upper bulkheads for a lower center of gravity
  • Lower shock angle adjustment through swapping inserts
  • Height adjustable body stops
  • Spring loaded battery mount for easy and secure battery mounting
  • Horizontal rear body mount for more stable handling
  • Upgradeable with Execute XQ11 parts

I personaly love the last one, that means a lot of upgrades are already available!

You can find more information here : EXECUTE XQ3S 1/10 4WD SPORT TOURING CAR KIT - XP-90042 – smartRc

Meanwhile, Kevin R, kindly sent me pictures of XQ3S vs AT1S. Both cars look competitives and are asking the same thing : drive me crazy !! 
Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about this wonderful car!

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