The new Schumacher Cougar LD3D Available!

The new Schumacher Cougar LD3D Available!

At last! The long awaited new version of the Schumacher iconic buggy is here !

The LD3 improves and refines Schumacher’s class leading 1/10th 2WD racing buggy. It has already achieved numerous national and international race wins including an World Championship Podium.

The LD3 is more durable, user friendly, lighter and even faster.  With 3 different chassis specifications available it will excel on all track surfaces and in all conditions.

This #K209 LD3D LD3D features a ‘Layback’ transmission which moves the motor 6mm more rearward, it works best on low grip dirt and wet astro tracks.

An awesome car with great backup from the team at Schumacher makes the LD3 the best 2WD buggy for you to enjoy racing success.
LD3D - Specification

Find out more : Schumacher Cougar LD3D - Dirt Spec - Kit Buggy 1/10 2WD – smartRc

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