The build of the Atom 3 S2

The build of the Atom 3 S2

We already talked about the Atom 3 S2 from Schumacher and how it perfomed last sunday. A great and easy car to drive.

As a matter of reference, our pilot used a Ruddog RP540 17.5t, an ORCA 1S Totem and a R6 PowerHD servo.

Today we wanted to show you some pictures of when the kit was build.

 The box

What is in the box!

And there we start !

The rear pod is now on.

Yes, there is a coffee on the table now. Perhaps a late night build!

Now to the front of the car is being taken care of.

Some measurements and installation the R6 powerHD servo  !


Almost there!

Installation of the engine Ruddog RP 540 17.5T and the ESC Orca 1s Totem

The rear axis.

And voilà!


Thanks for your attention.

Please let us know your thoughts!


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